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The Decline Of The Roman Civilization - 1357 Words

Throughout history, civilizations have risen to and fallen from power. The accomplishments of these peoples are not only important because of their places in history, but also because of the impact that they had on the world. Some of these groups of people were only able to create small, but still important settlements. Others were able to establish large empires that controlled vast areas and directly changed the lives of many who were under their rule. The Roman civilization was one of these massive empires that lasted for over a thousand years, and it has had a powerful influence on the world ever since. The impact of the Romans is not just the hegemony that they had over the groups of people around them while they were in power; it is†¦show more content†¦One cataclysmic event supposedly brought about the end of the monarchy. The legend that was told in the story â€Å"The Rape of Lucretia† is that Tarquinius Conlatinus, an aristocrat, was friends with Sextus Tarq uinius, the prince. Sextus was accepted to stay in their house; he waited until everyone was asleep before he went into Lucretia’s bedroom. There, he held a sword to her and raped her, and then he fled. In horror, she sent messengers to go and fetch her father and husband and told them each to bring close friends. She committed suicide after they had arrived, and Brutus, one of the friends, exclaimed, â€Å"By this blood, which was so pure before the crime of the prince, I swear before you, O gods, to chase the King†¦and never to tolerate Kings in Rome evermore, whether of that family [or] of any other.† This was the means by which history explains how the fall of the Roman monarchy led to the dawn of the period of the Republic. The Republic was dramatically different from the monarchy. Now the population could elect officials to represent them and make laws. Rome also began to become more imperialistic as a result of fear of attack and a greedy desire to gain we alth. It was because of this that the Romans came into conflict with Carthage, a growing empire in North Africa. Three wars were fought between the two over territories, including Sicily, but Rome eventually realized that Carthage must be completely razed if the conflicts were to end, so Rome militarily

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My Personal Experience My Experience In My Life

It is difficult to write about my life—not because I do not know what to say, but because I am often fearful of sharing my experiences and having them impact how people view me. My identity and upbringing are not necessarily unique, but I have been in situations that society tends to be uncomfortable with. Repeated sexual assaults, psychological abuse, neglect, and financial hardships are factors in my life that I tried to forget when I started college. Now that I am at the end of my undergraduate education, I realize that the obstacles I faced in my early life will never be forgotten. Consequently, I feel that it is important to share this information, even though it is painful to do so, because the last four years have opened my eyes.†¦show more content†¦Most significantly, I was chosen to be a Gates Millennium Scholar, giving me the opportunity to attend college without a financial burden. During my time at American University, I was fortunate enough to land part- time jobs, including an excellent internship with a small prestigious law firm in D.C.. The familial burden follows me, but my achievements give me the strength I need to continue to uphold and balance my responsibilities. In short, education has played and will continue to play a critical role in my life because of the intellectual stimulation, knowledge, and tools it provides me. The opportunities that my education has provided me are invaluable and I have made it a personal goal to pursue a career that will give me the resources necessary to mentor and guide students who, like me, have the potential, but are just weighed down by circumstances out of their control. What sets me apart is not simply what is on my transcripts or resume, but rather the life experiences that have shaped me into the person that I am today. The hardships I have faced humbled me in ways that I did not appreciate until now. Through the troubles I faced, school was the only thing that kept me motivated and teachers were the ones who provided the emotional and practical support that I needed to get to where I am today. I believe that I have grown intoShow MoreRelatedMy Personal Experience : My Experience In My Life1132 Words   |  5 Pagesget together and notice they have differing opinions, it can lead to arguments. That’s what happened in my case. Recently, I experienced my f irst big fight with my parents over how many college classes I should be able to take. Ever since I was little, I have always tried to do my very best in classes and really push myself. I have also always been a perfectionist and been very on top of my work. I have always wanted to get things done as soon as possible and get ahead anytime I can, whether thatRead MoreMy Personal Experience : My Experience In My Life1097 Words   |  5 Pagesbirthed in Syria and a mother from the coast of Long Beach, California, my childhood was, to say the least, interesting. However, everything that happened from my birth until now, all made me who I am today, someone I am very proud to have become after these seventeen years. The first three years of my life were spent on the West Coast in the city of Irvine, California. I don’t remember too much from these years, but I do know my parents labored long shifts, sacrificing precious time to support anRead MoreMy Personal Experience In My Life990 Words   |  4 Pagesare only given one shot. Therefore, it is at our best interest to live life to the fullest. Over the years, I have been able to analyze how I’ve struggle from stepping out my comfort zone. I found myself on the same routine for the first 18 years of my life. With that being said, it is a major key to try new things as we learn to grow, therefore you won’t live a bring life. Every chance I get I take on new things to enhance my person. While doing so, I’ve been able to step outside the box. TryingRead MoreMy Personal Experience In My Life940 Words   |  4 Pagescareer and in life, your character must drive you toward your aspirations. Throughout life, several experi ences have molded me into a person of resilience, empathy, and composure. Such values have allowed me to reach my goals and serve my community. In supplement to my intelligence, these assets render me an exceptional student and employee. The ability to be resilient is at the core of who I am, and the challenges that have created this strength have taught me empathy. Because of my weight, I facedRead MorePersonal Experience In My Life1002 Words   |  5 PagesA personal experience I have encountered would be growing up without my birth parents. At the age of 6 my mother put me up for adoption. My father was no we’re to be in sight, I never meet him in my entire life. Growing up in the foster system has a lot of pros and cons for example, I was separated from my brothers and sisters for a very long time, also there would be days that I would go to two or three different homes in a single day. Bouncing around from family to family is not the way a kid shouldRead MorePersonal Experience In My Life1344 Words   |  6 PagesI worked hard at my studies, homework and research and I put my education above everything else. If I was going to pass this tough course with good grades, or pass it at all, my studies had com e first, above everyone and everything else which wasn t going to be easy, but it had to be done. I took my computer, notes and books on every vacation, starting off every day and ending every night working diligently on my dissertation. I got frustrated and discouraged at times, but with all the supportRead MoreMy Personal Experience In Personal Life774 Words   |  4 PagesMy mother perpetually advises me by stating â€Å"à ¦ ¸Ã  ¦ °Ã  § Ã  ¦ ¬Ã  ¦ ¦Ã  ¦ ¾ à ¦â€ Ã  ¦ ªÃ  ¦ ¨Ã  ¦ ¾Ã  ¦ ° à ¦ ¸Ã  §â€¡Ã  ¦ °Ã  ¦ ¾ à ¦â€¢Ã  ¦ °Ã  ¦ ¾,† which translates from Bengali to English as â€Å"always do your best.† Taking heed of my mother’s advice has led me to always try to be the best possible version of myself, in school and outside of it. Knowing myself, junior year was going to be arduous as is; I would be studying profusely for my SATs and ACTs, going nights with minimal sleep as I would be taking nine total classes, eight of which were Advanced Placement classes, andRead MorePersonal Experience In My Life997 Words   |  4 PagesJohnny and Cora, my younger siblings, their lunches again today. It’s been very hard on me, I have so much more responsibility than I have ever had before. W ith my older sister, Betsy, sick in bed with the Spanish Flu, my mama working in a factory, and my father away fighting in the Great War, I have to do everything I can for my family. I cook, clean, get the kids ready, help with homework, care for Betsy, and I don’t mind it all that much. The only thing I miss most about my old life is getting toRead MorePersonal Experience In My Life1399 Words   |  6 PagesMy time working at a children’s psychiatric hospital helped me realize my strength and taught me more compassion than the rest of my life combined. Many times I had questioned if I was cut out for this work and if I was doing any good trying to help these children. I had to learn to walk on the fine line between growing thick skin and showing love and acceptance to kids who are seemingly unlovable. My experiences have continued to shape who I am had help give me perspective for when I find myselfRead MoreMy Personal Life Experience1293 Words   |  6 Pagesintere sts, life experiences and commitments, I know that I will enrich the UWM community. I believe that life experiences are extremely crucial in self-development. The more you experience, the more you grow as an individual. I say that with such pride because I can say myself that the life experiences I have gone through has shaped who I am. Commitments rather they are large or small, you are dedicating yourself to something which comes easy to me. When I am dedicated to something, I give it my all. One

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My Imaginary Story Free Essays

Dark, angry clouds smothered the silver moon from witnessing anything below; it’s betraying illumination concealed. Heaven cried tonight. Its vast, seemingly empty canvas stretched beyond limits gently fluffed with a smattering of low level flat dull clouds. We will write a custom essay sample on My Imaginary Story or any similar topic only for you Order Now Their harsh gray smothering the silver lining and obstructing portions of the endless abyss. A vivid shock of white tore through the inky highlighting a city of infinite beauty-the untamed power reverberating too late to warn. The city grew quiet besides the occasional sobs of the wind. It was a perfect night for a murder. She shivered, quickly drenched by the cold tears. No one knows her name besides the tombstone resting in a little city no one has heard of; the cemetery and its dead also forgotten. The epitaph of nothing significant or even worth remembering slowly appeared under the drumming of water droplets as the dust and dirt crusted on beated away. It was just like the night she died. The cemetery has been emptied for years now, but a small anemone rested by tonight wasting away under the dreadful, heavy tears of Heaven. Its core rippled with a deep black; the fresh petals still white even as it submerged into the earth with the pounding of the rain. She picked it up hoping to smell its lingering scent. The storm rumbled on. Heavy, dense dark clouds pushed through still blocking the only silver chasm–a compliment to the divine scarlet ruthlessly uncovering her for seconds at a time. â€Å"Hey pretty,† a voice drawled next to her. She whipped around to hopefully get a glimpse of him before he left again, but it was to no avail. She huffed sigh. â€Å"Hello Kai.† She greeted the emptiness of the dark. She watched as the only streetlight cracked, flickered, and died–the glass glazing below, but she felt his ardent warmth crackling next to her as he held onto her wrist. â€Å"Run with me, pretty. Just for one night.† She stifled a laughter which transformed into a hacking cough. â€Å"Shall we run tonight?† And for once she saw a smirk embrace his pale lips. She saw his rigid veins on the surface of his skin stretching out in creeks and streams to the ocean, the blood running so dark of a blue it startled her, but what can he ever do to her? She was already dead at most. â€Å"So tell me, Kai, why are we running?’ They had ran to a secluded alley, always hiding in the darkest parts. It was the same alley if she remembered correctly, of course she did, where her final warmth left her to be replaced with nothing but the chilling cold and this emptiness she herself did not know of. Again the smirk was there, and his eyes glowed with a fiery orange and flames of red hot. â€Å"I could tell you, but then I’d have to kill you, and you’re just so beautiful it would be such a shame.† â€Å"Don’t tease me,† she warned. â€Å"Which is exactly why I will tell you,† he winked, â€Å"You didn’t even let me finish. You’re so unfair.† The wind rustled, and his answer never came. The storm stopped raging, and the night was half gone. If they were alive, she would hear his heart beating in rhythm with hers, she would at least hear his, but she heard nothing. â€Å"You were always so pretty,† he began. He let go of her cold hand to cup her cheeks. His eyes dimmed to a soft orange glow as he rested his forehead against hers. â€Å"So pretty,† he whispered, his breath was warm, but of a frosted mint. â€Å"Please forgive me.† He touched his lips to hers and captured her in bliss. Only if she knew†¦ As he deepened the kiss, what remained of her slowly dissolved into ashes and his heart was beating with fury How to cite My Imaginary Story, Papers

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The Financier Review Essay Example

The Financier Review Paper Essay on The Financier I read again novel by Theodore Dreiser. The novel, released in 1912, tells of the time stopyatdesyatiletney ago in US history. In parallel with the formation of the main character, Frank Cowperwood we see how the formation and America itself, its financial system and Philadelphia in particular. Prototype of the hero was taken image of multi Tyson Yerkes, and I think the trilogy begun in financiers, following in the Titan, transferred to Chicago, after the real prototype, it should be of interest to all who are attracted to strength of character, determination, and then to the entire list of immorality, which are attributed to the protagonist. The book can serve as a vital reference books, textbooks novice financier. It is very interesting to read about the world of financial operations, transactions, stock market speculation, about the construction of horse railway shares, par parities, the rise and fall of the course, and the whole financial kitchen Much of the 150-year history ine vitably compared with the current time. .. The lack of Internet, mobile communication, various wifi certainly had a disastrous effect on the fate of the main character, but it was the year when there was only the telegraph. The fall and rise, rise and fall this is what accompanies the financial and personal world of Frank Cowperwood, but it goes with the prowess of the complex vicissitudes and infect his optimism and determination. Even in prison, where he was serving a sentence of 2.5 years, comparing it to the treasurer and Stener, seen amazing strength of spirit and character. Infected after the author of optimism! Read!

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Missed Placed Anger Re-Worked Professor Ramos Blog

Missed Placed Anger Re-Worked Anthony Salazar Sefferino Ramos ENGL-261-20 March 7, 2019 When stories are about a time where people face racism and slavery with the moral of the people of this day and age as it brings much trouble as it meets the controversial topic. As people saw the story â€Å"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn† by Mark Twain, the story showed the readers a time when Africans were once slaves in America. So, this caused some readers to see this story as supporting racism since it used derogatory terminology and described how treated the black people. Even to this day, this new generation of readers seem to forget what virulent racism is, as they seem to advocate censoring the story â€Å"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,† or even not to let kids read it since it could make the young readers a racist, but that is just not true. While this story fits within a narrow line where many can make points as to why the story is or is not racist, but it is indeed a story that clearly goes against racism both in the late 1800s and today. The causes of the story not being racist can be shown throughout its chapters. The story centers on a kid named Finn, who ran away from his terrible father to get back to his hometown to point he faked his death and ran with a slave named Jim who is also running away. Though the story uses the â€Å"n-word,† it never prompted racism since it focuses on the characters’ moral change. For instance, this is clear when the pair later meet two con artists who kept their secret of Jim being a runaway slave but was soon sold off by the con-artist. That is when Finn meets Tom another main character from another one of Twain’s books, and they rescue Jim. Later, Finn gets back home with Jim and Tom to learn Finn’s dad is dead and Jim is now a free slave. Then Tom and Jim went their separate ways, and Finn decides to not stay in his home-town but to continue traveling to have more adventures. This story again demonstrates that the novel doesn’t support racism, but instead goes against racism. Though many people would not agree since people, especially the United States of America do not want to remember their nations dark past. Though many Americans are disgusted that the story uses a racial slur and showcases a part of the countries history that they wish never happened, the story shows it is against racism by not allowing people to forget that slavery did take place and that it was morally wrong. As many Americans grow knowing that racism wrong, they tend to forget that there are times when people need to show why slavery and racism are wrong, but instead, they try to hide that their country did practice slavery or just say it is terrible without reflecting on the past. When Finn says â€Å"get up and hump yourself, Jim! There ain’t a minute to lose. They’re after us!† there is a clear connection to emotion (Twain 147). This shows a change in Finn’s character as an uncivilized kid living in the south because he is showing concern not just of himself, but of Jim, where he could have just been worried about himself and left Jim behind. Then another point in the story, at the end where Twain wrote, â€Å"We had Jim out of the chains in no time† it is showing that slavery is not a positive thing (Twain 289). Jim is now metaphorical and physically freed, he no longer has a chain. This proves the point that the story is not racist or supporting slavery because a man of color is no longer a slave or being discriminated by the people around him. Some readers will still believe it as a story supporting racism, but really this story is about a victim of racism and slavery. Another point as to why the story is not racist is that it brings out the character Jim out as more than a slave. As Emma Milliken describes, â€Å"Huck saw Jim as a stupid, superstitious, escaped slave,† but that is not the whole story (Milliken 1). When a story is made the writer needs to show a character, and the readers need to understand the character fast. In context wise, it makes sense for a man of color to be a slave and simple for the story as this is for children. That is why Jim seems to be a stupid, superstitious, escaped slave, though later in the story Jim is more than meets the eyes. In an article by David L. Smith, he explains, â€Å"Yet he portrays Jim as a compassionate, shrewd, thoughtful, self-sacrificing, and even wise† (Smith 297). As Smith is explaining Jim is more than a slave at the beginning of the story, because Jim impacted and changed Finn’s moral and helped the nurse Tom a thing not many people can or would do and is even harder for someone that a slave. Where we see a one-dimensional character as a slave but is actually a full characterized one where throughout the story people support to see him be free at the end of the story. These parts in the story point out as to why the story is not racist as Jim becomes free at the end. Though people are trying to erase harsh words in the story to lessen the racism, it is not helping people become less racist. When a harsh word that depicts the reason as to why racism is wrong is removed or replaced, it does not reinforce that racism is wrong but removes the strong reason as to why racism is wrong. To replace the â€Å"n-word† with slavery is just making the story lose its meaning as Michiko Kakutani says, â€Å"Nigger, which appears in the book more than 200 times, was a common racial epithet in the antebellum South, used by Twain as part of his characters’ vernacular speech and as a reflection of mid-nineteenth century social attitudes along the Mississippi River† (Kakutani 305). The story is from a time where the n-word and slavery are common, but one has deeper impact to the readers psychology since they give the â€Å"n-word† more power over them and the â€Å"n-word† is mostly used on black people, and slavery is a word used throughout history and not just in the United States of America. Another point is that if the â€Å"n-word† is swapped to something less harsh it will make the story lose its impact on the reader. As Kakutani also says, â€Å"Tampering with a writer’s words underscores both editors’ extraordinary hubris and a cavalier attitude embraced by more and more people in this day of mash-ups, sampling, and digital books-the attitude that all texts are fungible† (Kakutani 305). Kakutani is ultimately stating that if a story of any kind with great writing can be rewritten to an extent to suit a person’s agenda, then any story can be deemed racist and changed to a point its loses its theme that some readers connect to. Then there are people against the story as, Annemarie Hamlin and Constance Joyner wrote, â€Å"The most calamitous, gut-wrenching moment of class occurred when Dr. Hamlin calmly allowed the word Nigger to flow from her lips. Unless blessed with large amounts of melanin, one cannot imagine how from zero to twenty seconds, a trusting smile, willingness to participate, and a steady heartbeat can turn into a confused grimace, an unwillingness to continue, and overwhelming heartbreak† (Annemarie Hanlin, etc 13). Though she is against Huckleberry Finn including the n-word and their class including it, it shows that the word still causes an impact to people and brings up something that not many people would like to bring up. That is why the story with the controversial issue must not be changed as its loses its meaning and people will not talk about the stuff they necessarily will bring up if it weren’t for the story and if the â€Å"n-word† is replaced people will change it to suit their needs. Thus, the story that goes against racism and the ideas of slavery is misunderstood. As some readers believe that Jim being present shows it supports racism and slavery but are wrong as Jim is free at the end of the story. Though dis-proven others will say, Jim, being introduced in the story as a runaway slave is racist. Even though in context it makes sense and his character is more than that as he did an act not many people and as well as a slave will do. Then removing the â€Å"n-word† makes the story less racist but takes away the point as to why â€Å"n-word† is there and takes away that the story is going against racism. Those are the reasons as to why the novel by Mark Twain is not racist or supporting slavery because it goes against the ideas of slavery and is a story going against racism as a black man is free at the end of the story. : Hamlin, Annemarie, and Constance Joyner. â€Å"Racism and Real Life.† Radical Teacher, no. 80, Dec. 2007, pp. 12–18. EBSCOhost, Kakutani, Michiko. â€Å"Light Out, Huck, They still want to Sivilize you.† The Norton Anthology American Literature, pp. 304-306 Milliken, Emma. â€Å"The Humanity/Ies of Huck Finn: A Journey Down the River of Hope.† Journal of College Admission, no. 216, Summer 2012, pp. 2–3. EBSCOhost, Smith, David. â€Å"From Huck, Jim and American Racial Discourse.† The Norton Anthology American Literature, pp. 296-298. Twain, Mark. â€Å"Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.† The Norton Anthology American Literature, pp.108-290.

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Spanish Place Names in the U.S.

Spanish Place Names in the U.S. Much of the United States was once part of Mexico, and Spanish explorers were among the first non-indigenous people to explore much of what is now the U.S. So wed expect that an abundance of places would have names coming from Spanish - and indeed thats the case. There are too many Spanish place names to list here, but here are some of the most well-known: U.S. State Names from Spanish California - The original California was a fictional place in the 16th-century book Las sergas de Esplandin by Garci Rodrà ­guez Ordà ³Ãƒ ±ez de Montalvo. Colorado - This is the past participle of colorar, which means to give something color, such as by dyeing. The participle, however, specifically refers to red, such as red earth. Florida - Probably a shortened form of pascua florida, literally meaning flowered holy day, referring to Easter. Montana - The name is an anglicized version of montaà ±a, the word for mountain. The word probably comes from the days when mining was a leading industry in the region, as the states motto is Oro y plata, meaning Gold and silver. Its too bad the à ± of the spelling wasnt retained; it would have been cool to have a state name with a letter not in the English  alphabet. New Mexico  - The Spanish  Mà ©xico  or  Mà ©jico  came from the name of an Aztec god. Texas - The Spanish borrowed this word, spelled Tejas in Spanish, from indigenous residents of the area. It relates to the idea of friendship. Tejas, although not used that way here, also can refer to roof tiles. Key Takeaways: Spanish Language Place Names Spanish-language place names abound in the United States in part because its history includes Spanish colonization and exploration.Many of the Spanish place names in the U.S. have been anglicized, such as by changing à ± to n and by dropping the accent marks from accented vowels.Many of the Spanish names are derived from the names of Roman Catholic saints and beliefs. Other U.S. Place Names From Spanish Alcatraz (California) - From alcatraces, meaning gannets (birds similar to pelicans). Arroyo Grande (California) - An arroyo is a stream. Boca Raton (Florida) - The literal meaning of boca ratà ³n is mouses mouth, a term applied to a sea inlet. Cape Canaveral (Florida) - From caà ±averal, a place where canes grow. Conejos River (Colorado) - Conejos means rabbits. District of Columbia; Columbia River (Oregon and Washington) - These and many other place names honor Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colà ³n in Spanish), the Italian-Spanish explorer. El Paso (Texas) - A mountain pass is a paso; the city is on a historically major route through the Rocky Mountains. Fresno (California) - Spanish for ash tree. Galveston (Texas) - Named after Bernardo de Glvez, a Spanish general. Grand Canyon (and other canyons) - The English canyon comes from the Spanish caà ±Ãƒ ³n. The Spanish word can also mean cannon, pipe or tube, but only its geological meaning became part of English. Key West (Florida) - This may not look like a Spanish name, but it is in fact an anglicized version of the original Spanish name, Cayo Hueso, meaning Bone Key. A key or cayo is a reef or low island; that word originally came from Taino, an indigenous Caribbean language. Spanish speakers and maps still refer to the city and key as Cayo Hueso. Las Cruces (New Mexico) - Meaning the crosses, named for a burial site. Las Vegas - Means the meadows. Los Angeles - Spanish for the angels. Los Gatos (California) - Meaning the cats, for the cats that once roamed in the region. Madre de Dios Island (Alaska) - The Spanish means mother of God. The island, which is in Trocadero (meaning trader) Bay, was named by Galician explorer Francisco Antonio Mourelle de la Rà ºa. Merced (California) - The Spanish word for mercy. Mesa (Arizona) - Mesa, Spanish for table, came to be applied to a type of flat-topped geological formation. Nevada - A past participle meaning covered with snow, from nevar, meaning to snow. The word is also used for the name of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. A sierra is a saw, and the name came to be applied to a jagged range of mountains. Nogales (Arizona) - It means walnut trees. Rio Grande (Texas) - Rà ­o grande means large river. Sacramento - Spanish for sacrament, a type of ceremony practised in Catholic (and many other Christian) churches. Sangre de Cristo Mountains - The Spanish means blood of Christ; the name is said to come from blood-red glow of the setting sun. San _____ and Santa _____ (California and elsewhere) - Almost all the city names beginning with San or Santa - among them San Francisco, Santa Barbara, San Antonio, San Luis Obispo, San Jose, Santa Fe and Santa Cruz - come from Spanish. Both words are shortened forms of  santo,  the word for saint or holy. Sonoran Desert (California and Arizona) - Sonora is possibly a corruption of seà ±ora, referring to a woman. Strait of Juan de Fuca (Washington state) - Named after the Spanish version of Greek explorer Ioannis Phokass name. Phokas was part of a Spanish expedition. Toledo (Ohio) - Possibly named after the city in Spain.

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Motivation, Emotion, and Learning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Motivation, Emotion, and Learning - Essay Example After the end of the three days, the frequency of each emotion experienced across the total reporting period and on preset times on each day (For example, anger=1, joy=2, sad=1, anxious=3, etc.) was calculated. Thereafter an analysis was made of the physiological (internal and expressive body changes) and cognitive (specific thoughts occurring during an emotion) components of emotions in the experience. Findings are reported below. There are several psychological frameworks that define and operationally emotion (e.g., Izard 1977; Mehrabian and Russell 1974; Plutchik 1980). The present research uses Izard's framework which "assumes that separate and discrete emotions exist and that each has measurable, experiential, and motivational properties" (Izard 1972, p. 85). In his Differential Emotions Theory Izard (1972) conceptualizes ten fundamental emotions: joy, surprise, anger, disgust, contempt, shame, guilt, fear, interest, and sadness. Given the fact that the time period chosen was that of three consecutive days and observation points comprised of preset 7 vantage time periods on each day it was inevitable that the felt emotions would source from out of major events that either preceded these days or occurred during these days. The predominant emotions observed during the period were Anger (15), Contempt (16), Disgust (11) and Interest (12).It was observed that the first three had occurred in tandem as they were basically caused by a single event. The last interest was caused by a separate event. There were two events that had primarily originated the predominant emotions in the observation period. The event causing disgust, anger and contempt in tandem involved a gory media reporting of a riot involving a crowd in a developing country .The graphic images shown over media had immersed in attention span substantially and a lot of time was spent analyzing this event which explains the high frequency of the three emo tions felt in tandem. Interest was evinced by another event which involved receiving a personal bursary from my distantly related uncle who was arriving from UK to assess me for the grant of this bursary. Anger invariably resulted in racing of heart and tightening of arm muscles. A little tightening was felt in thigh muscles as well. The eyes got a little blood shot with bleary affect. However despite all these effects all senses seem to sharpen with anger. Disgust essentially produced tightening of stomach muscles. It was accompanied by eyebrow pull up and screwing of eyes. Contempt produced physical effects quite similar to those produced by anger with the difference that fists formed almost involuntarily and teeth clenched hard, as the contempt emotion traversed from one end to the other. Interest emotion was accompanied by widening of eyes and slight outward popping of eyeballs. A small blush spread from middle of the cheek to the top edge of both ear lobes indicating rush of